William Bond:

As I said before, I am disabled in that I have problems with my back and legs, but I am able to spend time on the computer and have gotten proficient in fixing and debugging my system. Well, I have made friends in the older generational crowd that has a hard time figuring things out on their computers or their VCR's and DVD machines and I often walk them through the process of setting up timers and putting dates into their system as well as how to work with programs, editing etc. Your program will be of great service in that area because I can make a help file that anyone can use and follow to get their systems up and running without me having to repeat myself many times over.

The only thing I would change or make available would be to add a voice synth on the program to read out the words in each screen for those that have a hard time seeing.

Otherwise I would say your program is more than comfortable to use and work with and has a very clean and straight cut interface. I love to create ebooks and I would use this program in that as well.

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