At this page you can read what our program users told about it.
All comments belongs to first versions of our program.
Since then most of the bugs were fixed and many new features were added.
Sorry, but our program is not freeware now.
You can use Microsoft HTML Help Workshop if you really need a freeware tool.
But to make chm is not very easy in MS tool.
easy chm
Name:Fredy Bruegger.
How I use this this program:I used to make portable Sites witch i can send to my friends.
Programm advantages:easy to use.
Needed features:I dont know yet.
files chm
Name:Walid Abu-Irwaq.
How I use this this program:Im Pogramed Games And I need To Put Help File in It..
easy chm
Name:Serge NGBESSO.
How I use this this program:that's help.
Programm advantages:chm.
Needed features:pdf.
help chm
Name:mehdy khayamy.
How I use this this program:for hold my info for myself..
Programm advantages:work with chm files.
Needed features:i donot know yet.
use chm
Name:Steven Graham.
How I use this this program:Cataloging Tutorials I find on the net.
Programm advantages:easy adding html files.
Needed features:Being able to Import HTML from Internet or Capture Text/Images/URL's copied to the clipboard from a webpage.
easy chm
Name:Roden L. Ortego.
How I use this this program:Creating Help files.
Programm advantages:User Friendly....
Needed features:More enhancements.
know chm
Name:Joydeep Chakrabarty.
How I use this this program:Still working on it.
Programm advantages:Folder addition.
Needed features:Some more help. A tutorial will be good..
easy chm
Name:dan hennes.
How I use this this program:i need more help using this program! How do i add graphics? add a table of contents? link between pages?.
Programm advantages:i need more help.
Needed features:more help.
use chm
Name:Vladimir Sedov.
How I use this this program:The Program gave me possibility quickly and simply create and view much files in one..
Programm advantages:Simplicity and intelligibility.
Needed features:I think that in she is enough whole.
need chm
Name:andrew me.
How I use this this program:I use it as a learning tool by preparing my notes in an easy to read format.
Programm advantages:it's free!.
Needed features:preview mode, icon changes, background colors etc..
know chm
Name:Vladimir Vladimirovich.
How I use this this program:it's very good program.
Programm advantages:speed & convenience.
Needed features:i don't know.
use chm
Name:Wit zulu.
How I use this this program:I just startet but it seems to be very easy to use.
Programm advantages:Quick help files.
Needed features:IDE integration.

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