Here are the distinctions in comparison with other chm-making programs:
  • This program is very simple in mastering and in use. But it have all needed features for creating full-fetured and extensive CHM-files
  • You can combine pages from different folders to one CHM and this program will compile correctly such CHM. Most of other programs in this case will compile CHM with incorrectly linked references.
  • You can freely use quotes in the captions of items. Most of the other programs incorrectly work with quotes in the captions.
  • This program has unique mechanism of key phrases detection. This mechanism is customizable. You can customize what text must be added to the key phrases. It can be the "<meta name=Keywords>" text, the headers ,the bold, italic or underlined text, headers of tables. You can limit the length of keyword phrases. Most of other chm-making programs just add the page title to the key phrases.

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