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Sorry, but this project was closed and not supported more. We have created more featured and more understandable software for mp3 duplicates search. You can find it here

This program allows you to create mp3 collection from files on your disks and then compare mp3-files and detect files with the same tags (mp3 duplicates). It also can determine similar mp3 files. For example if one file has "The Beatles" in the author-tag but another file has "The Beetles" in this tag this program will discover such alike mp3 files. Program can discover all similar files on your hard drive, network drives, CD or DVD-drives. Sometimes the twin mp3 files occupy a lot of space on hard drive and this program will help you to find all similar mp3 files and delete it if you want. Program read mp3 tags and observe mp3 files with the same mp3 tags or with the like mp3 tags and displays all similar mp3 files in the one list where you can decide what you want to do with found similar mp3 files - to delete or to keep at the disk.

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robohelphow to find and remove duplicate mp3 files