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mp3 mp3 organizer
Name:alan donovan.
How I use this this program:saved a lot of time.
Programm advantages:it put music in there seprate folder by it self.
Needed features:i cant think of any.
need mp3 organizer
Name:alan donovn.
How I use this this program:it organized my stuff.
Programm advantages:it saves time so you dont have to sit there for hours.
Needed features:i would like to see it do more than dups 3s and 4s.
need mp3 organizer
Name:Norman Mclean.
How I use this this program:I have a huge collection of MP3 3 so this will help me keep track of my collection.
Programm advantages:fast searching for files, search by artist, album and genre..
Needed features:Easier addition of new files.
music mp3 organizer
Name:Gary Watson.
How I use this this program:Really helped organize all my mp3 files.
Programm advantages:Easy to use.
Needed features:Not sure yet.
files mp3 organizer
Name:pat moran.
How I use this this program:Hopefully it will sort out my mp3 mess.
Programm advantages:having my music organised.
Needed features:a album cover search engine.
dont mp3 organizer
Name:Richard Willison.
How I use this this program:I have a large music collection I have stored as MP3 files and need to organize it.
Programm advantages:dont know yet.
Needed features:dont know yet.
search mp3 organizer
Name:Dave Grimminck.
How I use this this program:now i can organise my mp3.
Programm advantages:quickness.
Needed features:eee.
collection mp3 organizer
Name:Michael Kendrick.
How I use this this program:I have several thousand MP3s scattered all over my computer, and I wanted to find them..
Programm advantages:the directory structure and search feature.
Needed features:different music file formats (.wma, .aac, .ogg).
music mp3 organizer
Name:william harper.
How I use this this program:don't know yet..
Programm advantages:don't know yet.
Needed features:don't know yet..
dont mp3 organizer
Name:William Harper.
How I use this this program:Don't know yet..
Programm advantages:Don't know yet..
Needed features:Don't know yet.
know mp3 organizer
Name:svenn kartel.
How I use this this program:to organize my MP3.
Programm advantages:I need to be able to use it first.
Needed features:I will be able to tell you after using it.
know mp3 organizer
Name:Allen Atkinson.
How I use this this program:I have a lot of mp3 music. I need to organize it..
Programm advantages:Simple.
Needed features:Music player. Duplicate finder.Editor..

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